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A few weekends ago I had 3 videos in the Catskill Film & Video Festival. It was an awesome weekend, and I spent my Sunday watching 7 hrs of really interesting film & video art. By the end my brain was fried! but in the best way possible…so inspiring.

Check out my video Waiting – Critic’s Pick, experimental short

“Waiting” by Laura Manney is an artfully composed, visually elegant meditation; it is deceptively simple, with a limited palette and strong geometry, but is actually formally quite complex, with wonderful layers of pattern and repetition, variation and modulation. It is perfectly paced and has just the right hint of a narrative arc while remaining tantalizingly abstract. The artist skillfully synthesizes sound and image, and creates a subtle, lyrical, and satisfying piece.

—Rachel Seligman, Associate Curator of the Tang Teaching Museum and Art Gallery at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, NY

AND take a look at some of the super talented great artists I met…


Dawn Breeze Peoples Choice Award, experimental short

Molly McIntyre Critics Pick, short narrative

Jackie Weaver

Tim McMurray


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